Recent Posts

Misbehaving Signals
23 May 2019
Understanding C++ Modules: Part 2: export, import, visible, and reachable
31 Mar 2019
In which I go over C++ Modules In-Depth - Exporting Entities
Understanding C++ Modules: Part 1: Hello Modules, and Module Units
10 Mar 2019
In which I go over C++ Modules In-Depth - Module Units
Are C++ Modules Dead-on-Arrival?
04 Mar 2019
In which I check the vitals of C++ Modules
C++ Modules Might Be Dead-on-Arrival
27 Jan 2019
In which I discuss a modules problem that is being ignored
Building Like (a) Ninja [Pt1]
20 Dec 2018
In which I discuss how one of my favorite build tools conceptualizes the build graph
Stop with the CTAD FUD!
11 Dec 2018
In which I over-react to other people and talk about why I like CTAD
Smart Pointers Make Bad APIs
02 Dec 2018
In which I bemoan using smart pointers at public API boundaries
Levelling the try/catch Mountain
08 Nov 2018
In which I informally propose a radical C++ language addition
The Dumbest Allocator of All Time
06 Nov 2018
In which a silly joke made in a chatroom becomes a serious contender for a good idea
Now I Am Become Perl —
31 Oct 2018
In which I discuss my "wildest dream" feature for C++, and why terseness isn't something to fear
A Package Manager Manager
15 Oct 2018
In which I announce a peculiar CMake module that I hope will make people's lives easier, and encourage more package management use
Project Layout - Survey Results and Updates
16 Sep 2018
In which I discuss the results of the project layout survey and how they will be taken into consideration in the future
Paths: Taxonomy, Terminology, and Myths
19 Aug 2018
In which I attempt to formalize some of the language used when talking about paths
Announcing: How to CMake Good
12 Aug 2018
In which I announce my YouTube channel and a CMake educational series
CMake Tools 1.1.0 - Sorry to Keep You Waiting
20 Jul 2018
In which I announce some important changes for CMake Tools 1.1.0
C++ Can't Abandon Raw Pointers
27 Feb 2018
In which I bemoan the use cases for raw pointers, and talk about "optional references"
On the Way to CMake Tools 1.0
15 Dec 2017
In which I get a bit sappy about some of my open source work
Partial Specialization and Tags
12 Aug 2017
In which I talk about how to emulate partial specialization of function templates and talk about why we actually want to partially specialize function templates
Complex != Complicated
19 Feb 2017
In which I make a small rant trying to distinguish two (seemingly) equivalent terms
A Resource Compiler with CMake and Standard C++
21 Jan 2017
In which I try my hand at (mildly) literate programming, but also make something pretty cool in a single CMake script file
The Curious Case of std::in_place [Outdated]
30 Oct 2016
In which I talk about an obscure proposed C++ feature that never came to fruition