How Do I…

This page talks about and links to documentation concerning common tasks and processes.

Create a New Project?

  • Run the CMake: Quick Start command in a directory with no CMakeLists.txt.

Check out CMake Tools’ Quick Start.

Configure a Project?

  • Run the CMake: Configure command.

Check out the Getting Started - Configuring section, or the more in-depth CMake Configuring documentation.

Build a Project?

  • Run the CMake: Build command, press F7, or press the Build button in the status bar.

See the Getting Started - Building section, or the in-depth CMake Building documentation.

Debug a Project?

  • Run the CMake: Debug Target command, press Ctrl+F5, or press the Debug button in the status bar.

There’s a lot to this one. Check out the Target Debugging and Launching page for more information.

Pass Command Line Argument to the Debugger?

See the Debugging with CMake Tools and launch.json documentation.

Set Up Include Paths for C++ IntelliSense?

CMake Tools currently supports Microsoft’s cpptools extension. If the cpptools extension is installed and enabled, then configuring your project will attempt this integration automatically.

The first time this integration is attempted, cpptools will show a prompt confirming that you wish to use CMake Tools to provide the configuration information for your project. Accepting this prompt is all you need to do to activate the integration. From then on, CMake Tools will provide and automatically update cpptools’ configuration information for each source file in your project.

Happy IntelliSense-ing!