Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get Help?

CMake Tools is a volunteer-run project. You can ask around for help in the end-user support Gitter chat. Also look in the troubleshooting guide. You can always open a GitHub issue if all else fails.

What About CMake Language Support?

CMake Tools was create separately from the CMake extension, which provides language coloring and autocompletion support.

I’m New to CMake. Help?

CMake Tools is not the same as CMake. There are many great resources around to learn how to use CMake. A good video introduction can be found in Jason Turner’s C++ Weekly - Intro to CMake.

CMake’s documentation is also available.

How Does it Work with C and C++ IntelliSense?

Orthogonally. Check the How-do-I about IntelliSense.

How Do I <XYZ>?

Refer to the How Do I… page.

Will CMake Tools Ever Support <XYZ>?

Only if you voice support for it as a GitHub issue. Open an feature request or search for and provide feedback for an existing one!