How to Contribute

Developer Reference

Documentation for the code itself is kept within the code, and is extracted via TypeDoc. See the developer reference documentation here.

Building extension

As with most VS Code extensions you need you need Node.JS installed.

The process if fairly straightforward:

  1. Install dependencies

$ npm install
  1. Compile the code:

$ npm run compile

Of course build command (as few others) is available as Visual Studio Code task.

Coding guidelines


Code is formatted using clang-format. It is recommended to install Clang-Format extension.


We use tslint for linting our sources. You can run tslint across the sources by calling npm run lint from a terminal or command prompt. You can also run npm: lint as a Code task by pressing CMD+P (CTRL+P on Windows) and entering task lint. Warnings from tslint show up in the Errors and Warnings quick box and you can navigate to them from inside Code. To lint the source as you make changes you can install the tslint extension.


  • Use inline field initializers whenever possible.

  • Declare properties in constructor parameters lists, when possible.

  • Use lowerCamelCase for public members, methods, and function/method parameters.

  • Use snake_case for variables.

  • Use kebab-case for files and directories. (hyphen-separated-names)

  • Prefix private members/methods with an underscore and write them _withCamelCase