CMake Tools
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CMake Tools is an extension for Visual Studio code designed to make it easy and straightforward to work with CMake-based projects within the editor.
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Pitchfork is two things:
  • A set of C++ project conventions
  • A set of tools that support projects that conform to those conventions
Pitchfork originated as a Reddit post discussing and proposing project layout standards, with an accompanying project layout survey. The result is formal documents and tools surrounding it. While it still has a strong focus on filesystem layout, it also touches on a few aspects of related build system and library conventions.
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PMM is the CMake Package Manager Manager

It is designed to be an ultra-low-friction CMake module that can be embedded in any CMake project to unlock the power of C++ package managers.

The GitHub README has all the information on how to use get started with PMM. It's really that simple!